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Prerequisite for all ICC Academy Instructors.

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  • 5 units done at your own pace over 4 weeks of training.
  • No video meetings required.
  • Course begins once a working email has been validated for you.  


  • USD $97


Upon completion, the participant may be invited to instruct in the ICC Academy, pending course availability and demand for courses. The skills learned in facilitating video conferences and in teaching online are intrinsically valuable, especially for those working on virtual teams.  

Those who serve as Academy Instructors will have access to a mentor while they are serving as Instructors. A refresher training course will be needed for those who have not taught in the Academy in a 12 month period.

Transferable to other mentoring and instructing opportunities.


  • Apply ICC’s Six-Step Transformation and Mentoring models
  • Equip all to become better hosts of video-conferences via
  • Increasing skills to prepare interactive activities online 
  • Embracing online communication as a mentoring opportunity
  • Receiving live and virtual support of emerging online instructors
  • Train in specific mentoring and leadership skills, such as:
  • Hosting a video conference and uploading recordings
  • Coaching students toward character and competence with encouragement
  • Cultivating an environment where learning is actively encouraged
  • Modeling a willingness to ask for help
  • Practice in specific instructing skills, such as:
  • Developing community through online connections
  • Grading assignments, discussions, and assessments
  • Inspiring student success with positivity
  • Improving personal time management skills


For those invited to serve an an ICC Academy Instructor

  • coaching calls once matched with a classroom:
  • for asynchronous courses: three coaching calls (beginning, middle, wrap-up)
  • for video conference courses: weekly coaching calls
  • evaluate progress towards personal goals
  • anticipate next steps in the Academy
  • review Academy calendar
  • stipend may be available for ICC alumni instructors


Unit 1: Getting Reacquainted 

  • Complete the Academy Orientation course
  • Articulate the benefit of completing the Academy Orientation course prior to the start of all other coursework
  • Review ICC’s Six-Step Transformation and Mentoring Models
  • Consider how ICC core values are incorporated in the Academy
  • Summarize these features: assignment, discussion, quiz, groups, resources, courses

Unit 2: At Home in the Academy 

  • Articulate reasons for taking the course and course goals
  • Demonstrate ability to locate ICC Academy classroom features
  • Mentoring in answering Academy questions

Unit 3: The Asynchronous Instructor  

  • Apply ICC’s philosophy to grade discussions, assignments, and quizzes
  • Discover how and when “I don’t know.” is a GOOD answer.
  • Use messaging features in the Academy
  • Submit an Academy Instructor application (optional with an interview to follow for interested parties)
  • Complete assessment of asynchronous classroom scenarios

Unit 4: The Synchronous Instructor  

  • Managing the video call (includes screen share, annotation, making a recording)
  • Upload a recording to the classroom
  • Complete assessment on video conference scenarios 

Unit 5: Grading in the ICC Academy 

  • Grading discussions
  • Grading assignments
  • Grading assessments

Bonus Unit: Video Conference Session (available as needed)

  • Interview with Academy representative, prior to serving as an instructor
  • Live session that supports Units 4 and 5 (available upon demand) 


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